DMS-RP routing protocol (NS-3 module)
Acronyme DMS-RP
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Internet of things Mobile ad hoc networks Wireless sensor networks Multi-sink Multi-parent Clustering

This is the Dynamic Multi-Sink Routing Protocol for Static and Mobile Self-Organizing Wireless Networks: A Routing Protocol for Internet of Things including the source code of DMS-RP routing protocol (An NS-3 module).
With the rapid advent of using various devices like smartphones, vehicles etc, the connection of these devices with the help of Internet connectivity has emerged to the IoT paradigm. The interconnection of smart objects under the various real world constraints like communication technologies, network scalability, node mobility, energy consumption etc, is a big challenge and requires designing new robust, adaptive, dynamic, and configurable routing protocols. With the arrival of the 5G and the future Internet, the latency time will be extremely reduced, this motivated us to propose a new protocol that entrusts the internet to transport a large part of control and data traffic of the network. In this paper, a dynamic multi-sink routing protocol (DMS-RP) is proposed for self-organizing multi-hop WSNs, iMANETs and IoT, it uses a sink-based auto-clustering of the network without using a dedicated clustering algorithm and it allows a multipoint-to-multipoint communication for local areas as well as for distant separated areas. Three multi-hop forwarding techniques of the proposed protocol are studied. We have implemented the proposed protocol as a new module for the NS-3 simulator. The simulation results show that the proposed protocol achieves a largely better performance in terms of packet delivery, network delay, overhead, energy and network lifetime when compared with one of common multi-hop self-organizing routing protocols (AODV). Furthermore, the protocol analysis shows its high efficiency regarding scalability for static as well as for mobile networks where the studied performances are not significantly affected by the network size which makes it a suitable routing protocol for large-scale network architectures.



External Collaborator:

Pr. El-Bay Bourennane (Link)

Publications related to DMS-RP:

M.S. Daas, S. Chikhi and EB. Bourennane  (2021). A Dynamic Multi-Sink Routing Protocol for Static and Mobile Self-Organizing Wireless Networks: A Routing Protocol for the Internet of Things. Ad Hoc Networks (Elsevier) DOI: 10.1016/j.adhoc.2021.102495.