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5 dernières publications
Ahmed Tlili; Salim Chikhi
Risks Analyzing and management in Software Project Management Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps with Reinforcement Learning. Informatica 45(1): 133-141 (2021)
Mohamed Skander Daas; Salim Chikhi; El-Bay Bourennane
A dynamic multi-sink routing protocol for static and mobile self-organizing wireless networks: A routing protocol for Internet of Things. Ad Hoc Networks 117: 102495 (2021)
Sadek Benhammada; Frédéric Amblard; Salim Chikhi
An Agent-Based Model to Study Informational Cascades in Financial Markets. New Generation Computing 39(2): 409-436 (2021)
Lamis Ghoualmi; Mohamed El Amine Benkechkache; Amer Draa; Salim Chikhi
A multi-objective optimization approach for palm vein feature selection based on the discrete PSO. 6th Int. Conf. on Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP): 159-163 (2021)
Abdenacer Nafir; Smaine Mazouzi; Salim Chikhi
Collective DDoS Detection by an Entropy-based Method. Int. Conf. on Theoretical and Applicative Aspects of Computer Science (ICTAACS'21): 1-6 (2021)
Doctorant Titre
Zouari Amel Télédétection et images satellitaires pour la conception d’un système de gestion des terres abandonnées
Nom Lien
O-CLWPR: An optimized version of CLWPR position-based routing protocol designed for urban VANET environment
DMS-RP routing protocol (NS-3 module)