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Univ. Constantine 2
Equipe : MFGL

Bouzenada Ahmed; Bouhamed Mohammed Mounir; Kamel Oussama; Macià Hermenegilda; Díaz Gregorio; Chaoui Allaoua
An Example of a Dynamic CPN Model to Obtain Routes in the Presence of Obstacles Detected Using Machine Learning Techniques. Modelling and Implementation of Complex Systems: 220-233 (2022)
Mohammed Mounir Bouhamed; Gregorio Díaz; Allaoua Chaoui; Oussama Kamel; Radouane Nouara
Models@Runtime: The Development and Re-Configuration Management of Python Applications Using Formal Methods. Applied Sciences 11(20): 21 (2021)
Oussama Kamel; Allaoua Chaoui; Gregorio Diaz; Mohamed Gharzouli
SLA-Driven Modeling and Verifying Cloud Systems: A Bigraphical Reactive Systems-based Approach. Computer Standards & Interfaces 74 (2020)
Oussama Kamel; Allaoua Chaoui; Mohamed Gharzouli
Towards a Formal Modeling of Cloud Services during the Life-cycle of Service Level Agreement. Int. Conf. on Big Data and Internet of Things (BDIOT'17): 115-119 (2017)
Oussama Kamel; Allaoua Chaoui; Mohamed Gharzouli
Cloud Service Composition Modeling Using Bigraphical Reactive Systems. 21st Int. Database Engineering & Applications Symp. (IDEAS'17): 40-48 (2017)
Thèse de doctorat
Kamel Oussama
A Formal Approach for Modeling and Verifying SLA-based Cloud Systems. Université Constantine 2, Algérie (2021)