Meeting R&D ITrans 2024: Intelligent Transportation Systems and their use in road safety, citizen comfort and environmental respect

On May 16, 2024, the R&D meeting for the ITRANS Project commenced promptly at 8:30 AM with a cordial greeting extended to all attendees, setting a welcoming tone. Representatives from the MISC-Lab then provided a succinct overview, elucidating the primary objective of the session: to evaluate the advancements of various sub-projects underway within the ITRANS project. The agenda for the R&D meeting unfolded as follows:

Following each presentation, an open discussion ensued where attendees provided feedback, asked clarifying questions, and offered suggestions for improvement. These interactive discussions facilitated a comprehensive understanding of each project's status and potential roadblocks. Challenges and issues identified during the presentations were addressed collaboratively, with the group brainstorming potential solutions and mitigation strategies. Proposed tasks and objectives  were assigned to relevant team members to ensure follow-up and resolution.